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Congratulations Ann-Marie!Mar 2017

As with all events in life, I try to learn something new and apply it to future experiences and this was no exception.  This transaction has prepared me in lots of ways and I appreciate the... +Read More

Grant Programs for Home Buyers Free Money

New CA Grant -- 6 Months FREE HOA DuesMar 2017

If you are thinking about buying a home, one of the first things you should do is see if there are special loan programs or homebuyer... +Read More

Congratulations Wendy!Mar 2017

Seabridge is such a wonderful place to live and you loved it so much you made your rental your new home!  Representing you in this transaction has been such a pleasure and I'm so glad that I... +Read More

Spring 2017 Orange County Market Forecast - Low Inventory to Drive Gains Mar 2017

  This scene is familiar right before a major hurricane is scheduled to make... +Read More

Congratulations Cynthia!Mar 2017

Welcome to Huntington Beach, Cynthia.  You are going to love being so close to the beach and all that HB has to offer!  It was such a... +Read More

Congratulations Barry and Heidi!Feb 2017

Congratulations Barry and Heidi, it's been a long journey, but I'm proud to have helped you find your perfect home. I know you and your family will have many good times here, and... +Read More

Congratulations Jim!Feb 2017

Jim you are officially a Huntington Beach resident, congratulations! Enjoy your amazing ocean view, you deserve it! So glad you got the place at such a great price and I had a wonderful time helping... +Read More

Congratulations John and Shelly!Jan 2017

Such a pleasure to help John and Shelly with the recent sale of their Huntington Beach ocean front condo.  The sunsets are truly what the buyer is looking forward to in this penthouse... +Read More

Congratulations Kanes!Jan 2017

I love that we can still assist in transactions even when they are counties away.  This referral was cared for by a great agent in Rancho Cucamonga that we know in our referral network to assist... +Read More

Congratulations Sarra, Rachel, Mary-Katherine & Robin!Jan 2017

Helped some wonderful ladies move into their California Dream Home... +Read More