Advice and Trends

Congratulations Billy!Nov 2017

Sometimes your long time agent friend can't be present for everything that you would like them to because they live 2 hours away.  So happy to step in to assist for the local... +Read More

Congratulations Behnaz!Nov 2017

Neighbors can make the best buyers.  You knew that you wanted this home and I am so glad that I could assist with getting it for you.  Enjoy the upcoming projects!  ~ Best,... +Read More

Congratulations Ken!Nov 2017

It was so great to hand you the key to your new condo today Ken.  Congratulations!  Here's to moving forward and making lots of great things happen!  Enjoy ~ Best, Christine

Congratulations Mark!Nov 2017

A bigger home was what you requested and a bigger home is what we found.  So glad that we could facilitate this lease for you.  Enjoy your new place!  ~ best, Christine

Hot NovemberNov 2017

The supply is down and the demand is up which makes for a hot November selling month.  Check out the latest Orange County Housing numbers...the days on market are dropping!  Call us today to get your home on... +Read More

4 selling weekends til Thanksgiving!Oct 2017

There are only 4 more weekends to sell your home before Thanksgiving and the holiday slump hits.  Days on market are still us today to sell before the end... +Read More


The Cost of WaitingOct 2017

Interest rates are as low as they have... +Read More

Congratulations Bob!Sep 2017

So exciting to make a move across country to start a new adventure.  Glad that I could be a part of making that happen.  Enjoy your new place and sunny and 70* all the time!  Best ~... +Read More

Congratulations Josh and Gina!Aug 2017

Who doesn't want to live by Santiago Canyon, it is beautiful! Gina and Josh get to enjoy their new home in Tustin right next to Santiago Canyon. Excited for them to love... +Read More

Congratulations Darren!Aug 2017

Change can happen quickly and I'm so excited for this change for you.  Such a pleasure assisting you with this transaction.  Here's to the future!  ~ Best, Christine