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real estate affected by presidential election

2016 4Q MARKET UPDATE – Presidential Election EditionOct 2016

It’s almost over – we can almost kiss this presidential election cycle... +Read More

Congratulations Russ!Oct 2016

Congratulations Russ on purchasing your first home! Thank you for allowing me to assist you in making your home buying dreams a reality. I wish you many years of happiness in this... +Read More

Congratulations Joe!Oct 2016

Congrats Joe on your new condo and allowing me to assist you with your home buying needs.  I am positive that you and Amanda will make so many new and exciting memories here for many years to come! ~... +Read More

Congratulations Valerie!Oct 2016

Congratulations Valerie! I know you and Daniel are going to love your new home. I'm glad we got the place for a great price so that you can put all the upgrades that you and your family will enjoy... +Read More

Congratulations Derrick!Oct 2016

What a pleasure to assist you with the purchase of your first home Derrick.  So glad that you got the home you wanted at the price you wanted.  Enjoy! ~ Christine

Congratulations Kevin and Kristina!Sep 2016

It's pool time! Jump right into your beautiful pool and relax in your new home. It was wonderful meeting you two years ago and seeing your family grow.  ... +Read More

Congratulations Randy and Cheri!Sep 2016

And now step two is your forever home.  :)  We can check that one off the list today.  So excited for you and your family and your new adventures.  ... +Read More

Congratulations Cheri and Randy!Sep 2016

Thank you so much Cheri and Randy for the opportunity to represent you and your home.  It can always be a little stressful selling and buying but with this closing today we are halfway... +Read More

Congratulations Jan!Aug 2016

Being a Trustee in charge of selling someone else's family home is not an easy task.  I was so glad that you contacted me to help guide you through this process.  The preparations you... +Read More

Congratulations Stacey!Aug 2016

Change happens so I'm glad that we were able to locate a great home to help you get set up in time for school to begin.  It has been a pleasure working with you and welcoming you to... +Read More