Homebuyers -- See the forest for the trees

see the forest for the trees


It happens all the time.  Buyers find a home that seems to fit with what they are looking for, but it is cluttered with mounds of stuff from the current homeowner. 

What would possibly be the best home for that person based on the spacing and layout shows so poorly that it is a complete bust and dismissed by the buyers. 


The concept of staging a house is a powerful one – it helps buyers connect with the house and it is an effective tool for sellers.   First impressions are everything. 

If this initial reaction is influenced by a messy cluttered home, then the seller’s agent has really failed and could have blown an opportunity for you to connect with what might be a great home. 

When we help sellers, many times we stage the home and it helps us maximize buyer interest, and make the sale close at a higher price in a shorter period of time.  Christine DiCarlo is an Accredited Staging Professional and has seen it in practice over and over. 

Literally, sometimes I walk into a home and think, doesn’t this agent and the sellers have any pride in the sales process? 

You almost have to question if a seller REALLY want to sell, when it shows this badly and there is no effort to improve the appearance for sellers.  Most times, the sellers just don’t even realize how they are limiting buyer interest (and their sales price) and they have a non-confrontational agent, who is afraid to insist that their client helps themselves by putting their things in storage and possibly bringing in some new modern furniture to appeal to the broadest audience. 

I once had clients who liked to read and kept every single book they had ever had – they had wall to wall bookshelves in EVERY room. To them, it was a prized collection, but it made the home look and feel small and no one could imagine themselves living there it.  

There was nothing that could be done as they absolutely refused to remove them prior to listing the home for sale. 

It is my belief that their decision cost them $20,000 in sales price.  The buyer that saw the forest for the trees ended up with a GREAT deal.


Which could you imagine yourself living in?  Note: they are the same house...

13 - bd rm before_0.jpg

14 - bd rm after.jpg

If you are in the market or looking for ideas to renovate or even change the entire feeling of a house to make it completely yours, you need to checkout these sites below to help you see the forest for the trees!




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