Market Update 6.17.2020

I hope that this finds you doing well and starting to enjoy your summer.  2020 is not the year that anyone could have predicted and the real estate market is showing no exception to any kind of rules we know.  With care, buyers have been venturing out and are now out in droves. Demand is up the highest it has been since 2013.  Rates are so desirable and many people have had time to assess their living situations the last few months that many people want a new home.  That would be exciting if we weren't moving into a summer selling season with such low fact...the inventory has dropped in the last two weeks!  This is creating more anxiety for buyers unfortunately, but sellers you are moving into the hot seat! 

So where are the homes?  Understandably many sellers have decided to sit tight and ride 2020 out.  Sellers are being more cautious of the whole process and honestly don't really want any drama and are waiting.

So what are we to do?  There are so many buyers out there looking for a new home so if you are a homeowner thinking of selling you need immersive marketing. With my 3d tours with floorplans and video walkthroughs as well as virtual open houses, buyers only schedule a private showing after previewing online and virtually walking in your home.  This cuts down on large groups of people yet provides the most active buyers access.  By observing safe practices when a buyer wants to visit I am making the transaction as smooth as possible for you. 

An abundance of caution is still taken for buyers and sellers and if you would like the most up to date info please check out the California Association of Realtor's microsite provided on best practices.

Click here for the latest Orange County Housing Report. I encourage you to read it for all the latest stats I mentioned above as we are starting to look at a hot seller's market.  

So if you know of a homeowner that is interested in selling or a buyer that wants to buy,  thank you for sharing my info with them because I've got your back.  I have successfully closed 10 transactions since the first stay at home orders were issued and I continue to adapt for my sellers and bring buyers the homes they want to see safely. 

Please stay well and keep in touch!

Christine DiCarlo

Real Estate Broker License #01290192

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