Market Update 6.4.2020

I have had the opportunity to attend the Inman Connect Now conference this week highlighting the latest in tech and trends for real estate.  I have attended in person in the past and this virtual version, while different of course, was just as educational.  Our world as you know is experiencing uncertain times like no one could ever imagine. How can we heal and live peacefully?  It starts with a single action.  Will Guidara, a hospitality guru, said it best this week in a session when he said, "focus less on perfection and more on being thoughtfully human."

The newest technology being released is designed for us in the real estate profession to reach out to you to assist with those services that you need the most and in ways that are now safer.  I want you to know that I am here to support you in whatever I can do for any type of transaction needs you have.

Check out the latest Orange County Housing Report as you have come to expect in my newsletters and I encourage you to read it...the market is heating up and looking hotter than last year.  

Take a moment today to focus on what you can do for someone else...speak up, teach, acknowledge, read, learn and listen. Stay well and keep in touch!

Christine DiCarlo

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