Market Update 8.11.2021

Real estate is one of those topics that you can travel around the world and talk about with anyone.  No matter where you are you can always strike up a conversation about the local market and learn about their inventory while getting insight into their culture and norms.  Whether you are talking about real estate in far-away lands wishing for a permanent vacation spot for yourself or chatting about what is going on locally the most important thing to know are the facts and recent stats about the market.

As we transition from the summer market to the autumn market there has been very little change in inventory and demand and our local market is still a very hot market.  In the link, Steven Thomas shares with us the latest stats regarding our Orange County market and some compelling data to know to help us make projections about where this market will be going.  Will there be a wave of foreclosures after all we have been through?  Will the market crash?  Read below and know that all data points to the facts that we are going to be alright and we will see this hot market continue into the new year.

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