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Selling a home requires a good degree of skill in marketing, but it is also important to have an accessible and existing network of brokers and clients that can be easily exposed and who might be interested in the home.  In today's world, leveraging a robust Global Network, or as the French would say, a "Réseau Mondial", can be a great advantage when looking to maximize the selling price of your home.

The local MLS is a great means to expose property to the local area brokers.  While it is true that many homes are purchased by persons that live locally or sold by brokers that belong to the local MLS, it is not always the case.  To maximize the price of anything, whether it is real estate or a widget, the goal is to get it in front of many willing and able buyers.  International demand for US real estate has been growing exponentially since 2008 when prices tumbled.  Since then, returns for overseas investors and the desire for those overseas to have a vacation home in the states has become a status symbol for the wealthy who live abroad.

To make your home interesting to foreign buyers, you can’t expect to tap this growing segment with any average real estate agent or brokerage.  You need to find a specialized company that understands why targeting this group is important, has been actively engaged in building and nurturing a network, and is well connected locally, in the US and across the globe.  

This sort of dedication to networking and marketing is not a trait universally shared by brokers, although it most likely should be.   The best and most effective way that we’ve found to advertise property among a diverse group of brokers and high net worth individuals is through social media, especially Linkedin. 

We have taken great care and through a great personal expense, we have cultivated an extensive network that includes a roster of cooperating brokers we are friendly with over the entire planet.  This gives our clients access to more buyers than are accessible to our competition in the local community.  It also gives our clients access to real estate investment opportunities abroad.  If there is any country that our clients have an interest, we can quickly gain access to the best opportunities and help schedule a trip to visit with our partners who treat our clients with the utmost respect and who will help coordinate arrangements to visit.

Below is a screen grab from my linkedin account showing the expansive size of the Reméo Realty network at home in the US and abroad. 

linkedin network.png

Obviously, the distance separating a buyer and a home for sale here in the US is easily overcome by using the internet to share information.  Our presence online, in social media and the tools we’ve developed to bring the experience of your home to those abroad is critical in helping us to establish demand worldwide.  Please read more about our exclusive Peek In Tours that Reméo has developed and created to bridge the distance gap and to generate buzz worldwide for our listings.

Each country has its own customs and this is why our cooperating broker network is so important.  We have insight on how to best approach interacting with each buyer in order to make sure the experience is good for them and respects their wishes.  We are well versed in cultural sensitivities and are a great ambassador exposing local property here in Southern California to the world.   By reaching out, cultivating these relationships to seek out buyers across the globe, Reméo Realty increases can increase competition and get you a better price than if your home was only shown to a small subset of interested buyers.

Our global network works both ways - we have access to global opportunities and the best brokers in any market.  Want a French Château or some investment property in Costa Rica or Brazil?  We've got you covered.

If you are thinking of selling and would like to harness the power of global demand that Reméo Realty can offer or to learn more about how Reméo Realty brings not only local buyers in the US to your property - a reach that includes getting word out about your property to wealthy buyers across the globe, or if you want to explore global real estate opportunities, please reach out to us – we look forward to leveraging our impressive network to help you accomplish your real estate goals.



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