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Not About the Price -Market Update 12.14.21Dec 2021

In real estate, numbers are very important and the sale price is the one number that occupies most people's thoughts during the process of a transaction.  The... +Read More

Market Update 11.30.2021 - Housing CatastropheNov 2021

This edition of the Orange County Housing Report (see link) echoes the sentiments we have known for a little while now...We are in an... +Read More

Market Update 11.16.2021Nov 2021

This week here are the two things you need to know about the November housing heat wave we are experiencing...  #1 - Interest Rates Rates as of 11/15/2021*30 year mortgage... +Read More

Market Update 11.2.2021Nov 2021

Does it seem like there will ever be an end to the housing insanity that we have been experiencing?  Perhaps you would like to buy a new home but you are frustrated by the competition. ... +Read More

Market Report 10.8.2021Oct 2021

We are just a few weeks away until the end of the fall market and the beginning of the holiday market, the slowest season of the year.  Typically when we reach the last week in November,... +Read More

Market Report 9.21.2021Sep 2021

Maybe you have been keeping an eye on the market wondering when will be the best time for you to jump in the ring.  Things have been noticeably crazy the last year or so with multiple offers on... +Read More

Market Update 9.9.2021Sep 2021

Today feels like the first day of fall for me.  The calendar says we have a couple more weeks, but my daughter began middle school today, a week after her brothers... +Read More

Just Leased!Sep 2021

Congratulations to our leasing clients who just snagged this amazing Newport Beach beach house. Enjoy your ocean views!! ~ Best, Christine 

Market Update 8.11.2021Aug 2021

Real estate is one of those topics that you can travel around the world and talk about with anyone.  No matter where you are you can always strike up a conversation about the local market... +Read More

Market Update 6.30.2021Jun 2021

As we inch closer to July 1 there are lots of people making predictions about the 2nd half of 2021.  Is this housing market a bubble?  Will prices drop?  Will there be a crash? Is... +Read More