Advice and Trends

Market Update 5.05.2021May 2021

Did you know? Every year the 3rd Friday of the month of May is designated Endangered Species Day.  In 1973, the United States passed The Endangered Species Act to provide for... +Read More

Congratulations Neil and Ashley!Apr 2021

Working with first time home buyers is a real treat.  I love going through the process with them and discovering the house that is perfect for their needs. ... +Read More

Market Update 4.8.2021Apr 2021

The market is just not normal right now as those of you trying to buy a home have experienced.  You keep writing offers with the most minimal terms and the highest price ... +Read More

Congratulations Todd!Apr 2021

On your wish list was a unique Huntington Beach home with great space and relaxing sunset views.  This house has it all and now, Todd, it is all yours!  Congratulations on the purchase of... +Read More

Congratulations Harrison!Mar 2021

New pool...just in time for the summer!  Congrats Harrison on the closing of your new home today.  So happy to assist with this process. Enjoy!  ~ Best,... +Read More

Market Update 3.11.2021Mar 2021

The first quarter of the 2021 housing market has defied all previous years' typical trends but there is good news on the horizon.  We are about to enter the spring housing market and... +Read More

Congratulations Dan and Dahna!Mar 2021

Buying a home when you are out of the local area can be a challenge so I'm so glad that I was here to make it a smooth transaction for you.  Enjoy your new home, new city and new... +Read More

Congratulations Justin and Julia!Mar 2021

So excited for you and the purchase of your new home.  I'm sure this first weekend was a busy one...jumping right in with making it your own...and I can't wait to see what... +Read More

Congratulations Shane and Jenna!Jan 2021

Congratulations Shane and Jenna!  We know that you and the girls will make this house a home in no time.  It was such a pleasure guiding you through the process and wish... +Read More

Congratulations Casey!Jan 2021

Congrats on your new home in your dream neighborhood, Casey!  It was lots of fun to shop with you and I can't wait for you to make this bungalow your own! ~ best, Christine