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Homeowners are hunkering down now and in the latest edition of the Orange County Housing Report, Steven Thomas explains the latest trend.  Click here for all the news.Real Estate Market Snapshot for Huntington... Read More
As Steven Thomas explains in the latest Orange County Housing Report, for homeowners looking to sell in 2022, the window of opportunity is closing as the inventory climbs, demand falls, and market times grow longer.  Reach out... Read More
A lot of changes have happened relatively quickly in the last month to the real estate market compared to the last couple of years that you may be asking if we are heading to a housing crash?  Steven... Read More
Inventory has more than tripled this year and we are about to enter the summer slowdown.  It will still be a seller's market but the pace will not be what we have been used to.  Read more about the summer slowdown in the... Read More
Home affordability is weakening as home prices rise and so do the interest rates. Buyer demand is dropping due to these factors. Check out the affordability change in OC over time and the latest housing report prepared... Read More
Although many people are jumping to conclusions with the recent higher interest rates and higher inflation about the potential for a recession in the housing market, Steven Thomas comforts us by noting that the sky... Read More
Buyer demand has seen a slump the last two weeks.  Below in the HB market snapshot, I note that there are 138 active listings in Huntington Beach and of those active homes, 26 of them had price reductions this last week,... Read More
Small cracks in the housing market are beginning to appear as Steven Thomas reports in the latest housing report in the link. For example, the current housing inventory has increased 60% since mid-January!  Demand is at the... Read More
Affordability is beginning to affect the housing market and as rates rise, new trends are emerging and in the latest Orange County Housing Report, Steven Thomas breaks down the recent trends that are leading to changes in our market.... Read More
Aaahhh...the spring market.  The time of year we all look forward to for a robust active listing selection and this year is no different!  Considering the drought of homes we have been experiencing, this spring market will be... Read More