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2021 has finally arrived!  Many of us have been looking forward to it for the fresh start, some for the new memes and some to welcome the opportunity to buy a new home.  According to... Read More
We knew we would find the perfect home and we did!  So excited for you and the boys to move into this great community and with a quick 21 day escrow even with a VA loan and the holidays you can make this home yours just in... Read More
What a pleasure meeting you Evelyn and assisting you with your move back to southern California.  I know that you will be very happy closer to your family.  Enjoy the tree view and gardening in your new garden! ~  Best... Read More
2020 is definitely what we make of it and Tim and Morgan you are making the most!  It was such a pleasure to assist you during this process to buy your first home together and celebrate your recent marriage.  Enjoy the many... Read More
Every Christmas, presents have arrived under the same tree at my home.  Yes, we store it in a box for the other 11 months, but every Christmas morning family picture has our kids in their Christmas jammies in... Read More
As we shift into the Autumn Market, accurate pricing will be key.  Inventory fell 1% in the last 2 weeks and Demand fell 3% during that period so only serious buyers and sellers are out now to make a move and pricing... Read More
The first week of September traditionally has been filled with new backpacks, pencils and back to school pictures but this year feels a little different of course so why shouldn't the market still be feeling a little... Read More
It has been such a pleasure getting to know you Judy during this journey to find your new home.  We took a little more time than we anticipated due to Covid and then a lot of buyer demand but it was worth the wait! ... Read More
Well...I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure it was just the beginning of July and now all of a sudden we are at the end!  I hope that this finds you doing well and staying well and keeping your friends and family... Read More
July 1!  The beginning of a long holiday weekend for many but one that will look very different from 4th of July celebrations in the past.  Since the holiday looks different, the market might as well too. ... Read More