Advice and Trends

Congratulations Tim and Morgan!Nov 2020

2020 is definitely what we make of it and Tim and Morgan you are making the most!  It was such a pleasure to assist you during this process to buy your first home together... +Read More

Market Update 11.12.2020Nov 2020

Every Christmas, presents have arrived under the same tree at my home.  Yes, we store it in a box for the other 11 months, but every Christmas morning family picture has... +Read More

Market Update 9.29.2020Sep 2020

As we shift into the Autumn Market, accurate pricing will be key.  Inventory fell 1% in the last 2 weeks and Demand fell 3% during that period so only serious buyers and sellers... +Read More

Market Update 9.9.2020Sep 2020

The first week of September traditionally has been filled with new backpacks, pencils and back to school pictures but this year feels a little different of course so why shouldn't the... +Read More

Congratulations Judy!Aug 2020

It has been such a pleasure getting to know you Judy during this journey to find your new home.  We took a little more time than we anticipated due to Covid and then a lot of buyer demand... +Read More

Market Update 7.28.2020Jul 2020

Well...I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure it was just the beginning of July and now all of a sudden we are at the end!  I hope that this finds you doing well and staying well... +Read More

Market Update 7.1.2020Jul 2020

July 1!  The beginning of a long holiday weekend for many but one that will look very different from 4th of July celebrations in the past.  Since the holiday looks different, the... +Read More

Market Update 6.17.2020Jun 2020

I hope that this finds you doing well and starting to enjoy your summer.  2020 is not the year that anyone could have predicted and the real estate market is showing no... +Read More

Congratulations Sakamoto!Jun 2020

You know when you see a property that meets your needs perfectly you want to do whatever it takes so it doesn't get away.  This condo was just what you were looking for and I am so happy... +Read More

Market Update 6.4.2020Jun 2020

I have had the opportunity to attend the Inman Connect Now conference this week highlighting the latest in tech and trends for real estate.  I have attended in person in the past and this virtual... +Read More