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Investor Overview

Locating opportunities

Our agents will take the time to help you develop or learn your goals to find you the perfect investment that meets your return objectives.

Guidance and effort

We’ve been there. Our commercial expert has managed and sold well over $1B in commercial assets. We assist clients in flipping and rehab projects and have even done many of our own.

Expert Negotiation

Negotiating on your behalf to close the transaction that minimizes your costs is where we excel. We always seek out and maximize your leverage

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Investor Education

Reméo Realty has several seasoned veterans with a lot of experience in the acquisition and disposition real estate assets for investment. Our experience is all encompassing from financing large investment properties, acquiring property for a flip or looking for cashflow (stable and consistent income streams).

Whether you are an experienced investor, let us help you understand the market, or if you have cash to invest but are new to real estate investing, we can help.

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Experience You Can Trust

Whether your game is buying apartment units for income, flipping property or just building wealth through wise investments in single family homes or office, retail and/or industrial buildings, we stand ready to assist. Our experience with larger commercial property exceeds most other residential agents, and ranges from smaller flipping projects we’ve done ourselves or with clients, to buying notes and larger commercial properties. One of our associates spent a large part of his career buying, selling and managing several billion dollar funds for large nationwide investors. Call today and let us show you why we believe we should be a valued member of your acquisition/disposition team!

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The Reméo Realty Network

Reméo Realty is proud to have a whole host of local professional contractors and service providers that we have established relationships and in some cases we have even negotiated discounted pricing. From small jobs like landscaping or carpet and tile cleaning, to movers or even trades like plumbers, roofers and electricians, we make sure that anything you want to do to make the property you buy ready for a flip or tenants, can be done quickly, professionally and inexpensively.

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Property Management

Want to benefit from owning real estate but don’t want to get bogged down with details? Let us handle them for you. Our property management services will work to keep your property occupied and maximize your return, with you deciding how much or how little you would like to be involved.
Using us to buy an income property? Let us create a Peek in Tour to get it out to the widest audience in order to find the most qualified tenants.

Experience a Peek In Tour!

Click and drag the image below to look around. Click hotspots to walk through the house.

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Our services:

  • Prepare and market your property to find tenants
  • Show and Screen tenants to find the most qualified
  • Prepare and lease agreements
  • Collect rents and answer tenant inquiries
  • Conducting move-in inspections
  • Respond to repair and maintenance issues.
  • Obtain competitive bids and oversee contractors

If you are thinking about buying an income property or already have one that you’d like us to sell or manage, please contact us today!

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Get Started Today

Investing starts with appropriate planning -- you need to set expectations, talk with an agent to learn about the process and then execute.

STEP 1Talk with an agent

Whether you are an expert or novice, let’s get acquainted and discuss your options! Planning will produce the best result and we can help you formulate your plan.

STEP 2Establish Objectives

What’s your game? Cashflow, Aggressive appreciation or both? What asset classes will you consider?

STEP 3Uncover Opportunity

We can help you develop assumptions and our commercial property expert can help you examine rent rolls, get quotes for rehab and work with you to create a proforma to develop expectations.