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Leasing Market Experts

We know the market and we know market rents. We manage property and know the law. Let us help guide you to the best place for you and your family.

Landlords know this business and in order to meet them on a level playing field, you need to be prepared. The first step is having a great relationship with a professional who is knowledgeable about tenants rights – that’s us. The second step is to be armed with your rights.

We’d like to give you a copy of the most informative and comprehensive tenant legal guide for free. This is 122 pages of information you NEED to be a protected and knowledgeable tenant. To get your FREE copy Register here and select “Lease” as one of your Real estate objectives. We’ll send you the ultimate renter’s handbook right away and as always, we are ready to answer your questions and lend you our expertise.

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Expertise and Experience

Whether you have a problem with a landlord, want to know your rights or just have questions about property, having a trusted resource is invaluable.

Contact us today, we’d love to meet you and to help you find a new home or apartment to lease!

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Lease to Own

Don’t keep making your landlord rich. If your goal is to develop a plan to get you into your own home, then we can help you develop a plan to reach your goal. There is a chance you qualify today and just don’t know it. Let’s talk. To read more about the benefits of Homeownership over renting,
click here Faceoff: Rent versus Buy

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Get Started Today

Leasing starts with appropriate planning -- you need to set expectations, talk with an agent to learn about the market and then execute.

STEP 1Talk with an agent

For now, renting is the plan, so let’s find a situation where you are safe, close to work and the things you like to do are close. Let’s find a landlord that is reasonable and attentive.

STEP 2Plan for the future

Nothing is more gratifying for an agent than helping people transition from renting to owning. Let us help you identify and discuss barriers preventing you from realizing your dream and overcome them.

STEP 3Execute the plan

Whatever challenges you face, executing the plan often requires patience and guidance from an expert.We are a trusted resource for whatever the future holds for you.