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houses for sale in huntington beach

Huntington Beach

Renowned as the “Surf City” of the Orange County and with almost 200,000 plus population, Huntington Beach is the biggest beach city of the Orange County, Ca. Inhabitants here are lucky enough to relish a serene climate with stunning ocean breezes and a plethora of recreational prospects.

Encircled on the Southwest by the Pacific Ocean, Huntington Beach is eminent for its 8 and ½ mile long tranquil beach and is recognized as the most prominent beach city to live in Orange County.

Apart from surfing and a leisurely stroll at the beach, the residents can embark on a trip along miles of bike trails beside the beach and alongside the Santa Ana River.

The residents here benefit from various kinds of housing facilities, suitable jobs, awesome weather, excellent health care services and a stable economy. Their kids also enjoy learning in an excellent educational environment.

Huntington Beach has numerous elementary, middle as well as high schools. Also the students can pursue advanced education at the close by locations such as the University of California at Irvine, the Golden West College and also at number of renowned California State Universities.

Amid cities with over 100,000 plus population, Huntington Beach is ranked by the FBI as the city with 8th lowest Crime Rate and has been consistently considered as a Safe City.


City of Huntington Beach, CA covers 4 Area Codes

  • 562 Area Code
  • 714 Area Code
  • 760 Area Code
  • 949 Area Code

Huntington Beach Houses for Sale

Acquiring your dream home at Huntington Beach, CA isn’t that difficult! With more than 618 homes (including new as well as resale) homes for sale in Huntington Beach, CA, the prospective clients can seek out via price, neighborhood, property type as well as number of bedrooms. They can also seek information such as Huntington Beach neighborhood details as well as school data and avail services from various Huntington Beach Real Estate agents and even do the home values research.

Fascinatingly, Feb 2015 witnessed homes of the detached homes rise by 35.2 % and an increase in 43.7% as against Feb 2014. Detached home deals were down by 9.3% as compared to Jan month and plunged 13 % as compared to Feb 2014. Hence, detached homes market bettered the attached home market. Detached homes prices were up 1 % and for attached homes the prices were up by 3 %. The standard price per sq. foot was $ 430, which is around 3.84 % higher.

So in case you have already set things lined up in Huntington Beach and are looking for a perfect residence or are seeking a perfect real estate investment, will simplify your home for sale search in Huntington Beach as well as all your Huntington Beach real estate queries. At RemeoRealty, we consider all your property needs as unique and provide detailed information to distinguish your future property choice from the rest of all the available Huntington Beach listings.

Houses Sold: In February 2015, a total of 109 townhomes, houses and condos were sold which is up by 14.8 % compared to Jan last month and 14.6 % compared to Feb 2014. Around 69 detached homes and 40 attached homes were sold. Average Home Prices: The average detached homes price, which were sold in Feb 2015 was $929,158, saw a raise of about 10 % compared to last Jan month and a raise of 1 % compared to Feb 2014. The average price for attached homes was $506,925, which saw a 4.1 % increase from last Jan month and a 3% increase from the Feb 2014.

Huntington Beach Homes For Sale - MLS LISTINGS

Home Prices in Huntington Beach, CA

The median home value in Huntington Beach is $693,500. Huntington Beach home values have gone up 1.4% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will fall -0.9% within the next year. The median list price per square foot in Huntington Beach is $429, which is higher than the Los Angeles Metro average of $335. The median price of homes currently listed in Huntington Beach is $700,000 while the median price of homes that sold is $660,600. The median rent price in Huntington Beach is $2,180, which is the same as the Los Angeles Metro median of $2,180.

1 bedroom in Huntington Beach   -  $283,720
2 bedrooms in Huntington Beach  -  $413,424
3 bedrooms in Huntington Beach  -  $734,468
4 bedrooms in Huntington Beach  -  $1,173,750

All properties in Huntington Beach  -   $807,861\

Why use RemeoRealty?

RemeoRealty is the ultimate place to search houses for sale at Huntington Beach, CA. Our website offers all the services such as homes for resale, new homes for sale, townhomes for sale, condos for sale, land for sale and even foreclosed-homes for sale.

RemeoRealty provides extensive database for the users to explore the most wide-ranging Huntington Beach Real Estate listings such as home features, values and local schools as well as all the neighborhood information so that they can be sure about all the facts they require upfront. They can even explore photos, maps and much more to get a brief idea of what their lives would be like in their new neighborhood. And in case you're thinking about selling your home, you can even search for all similar homes which are for sale in Huntington Beach area to get a formal idea of how to harness a better price for your home. At RemeoRealty, it’s so simple to seek quick and easy to understand facts and compare all the significant details. These also include more in-depth society statistics in the form of graphs and charts.

Huntington Beach: Best Areas To Live IN

Many of the best areas to reside in Huntington Beach can be found in 9247, 92648, 92646, 92649 Zip codes. Now it really depends on which sort of lifestyle you seek for. If you wish for the downtown way of life, you can enjoy the same in a very nice and small cottage or condo. And in case you wish for a Single Family Residence 3 bed or 2.5, you can look for at many places.

If you wish to be near the harbor, beach, inland areas or parks, the sites enormously affects the prices here. The Huntington Beach tract homes prices range from $500k to $5M. And if you’re seeking for a Gated neighborhood, then those would cost over $1 M. Non-Gated neighborhoods would cost lesser.

The bulks of the Huntington Beach neighborhoods are constructed around smaller parks and are safely enclosed via brick walls. And though these walls hinder the scenic beauty of numerous major streets, these provide improved safety to the residents.

Located at the very center of the city, is one of the concealed city treasures known as the Central Park. The 350 plus acre park at  Golden West Street, comprises a Central Library, sports complex, the Huntington Beach Playhouse, a Frisbee golf course, Shipley’s Nature Center, an amphitheater, a stocked lake as well as trails of several miles perfect for bike riding and walking. Central Park hosts various community concerts and events throughout the calendar year.

Huntington Beach Best Designed Houses:

Huntington Beach is home to over 260 diverse neighborhoods, so choosing a specific area as well as neighborhood you prefer should be your initial start. And unlike other portions of Orange County beach cities, the Huntington Beach is far more cost effective and searching a best designed single level-3 bedroom house is quite easy, especially in the $500K range. 

Strong competition exists for these types of homes and it's quite usual to get multiple offers on such designed homes. So in case you are looking for homes with bay access, then your first priority should be to look for homes and communities having boat docks. As the Huntington Bay has numerous channel outlets to it, locating a water view or water front home is quite easy.

Huntington Beach Crime Rate:

The Huntington Beach crime rate is noticeably higher than the average national across all neighborhoods in the US from the biggest to the smallest. And though, at around 26 crimes per 1000 residents, it’s still not considered among the neighborhood with higher rate of crime.

The possibility of being a victim of either violence or any property crime is 1 in 38, in Huntington Beach. On the basis of crime data analyzed by FBI, the Huntington Beach is among the safer neighborhoods in the US.

And though, the crime rate in the Huntington Beach is higher than 60 % of the cities as well as towns of the state, however, if compared to other neighborhood of same population size, it’s crime rate is evidently lower than the usual standard. It means that if compared to similar sized cities all across the US, the Huntington Beach is way safer than most town and cities, according to exclusive FBI crime data analysis.

Celebrities in Huntington Beach:

Now not all movie stars and TV celebrities prefer to live in Malibu or Beverly Hills or even Los Angeles province. Many of them wish for the serene and sunny climates which they can find a bit past down the coast, just along the south-facing beaches of the famous California Riviera in Orange County.

The Huntington as well as the Newport harbor is a lovely location alongside the Orange County coast (which is just about 40 miles from Hollywood southeast). These harbors are packed with pasty sailboats, towering pelicans and is a home to the Rich and famous.

Many celebs including Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson live in the neighboring and gated surfside.

School Districts Near Huntington Beach

  •     Huntington Beach Union High School District
  •     Ocean View
  •     Huntington Beach City Elementary
  •     Fountain Valley Elementary School District
  •     Westminster Elementary School District
  •     Sbc - Pacific Technology
  •     Garden Grove Unified School District
  •     Los Alamitos Unified
  •     Coastline Rop
  •     Savanna Elementary

Huntington Beach is comprised of 4 elementary school districts.  To find information and boundaries for each please click on this link: Huntington Beach School Districts

School sites for Huntington Beach City School Districts are listed below.  If you have a district that you'd like to see mapped, we are constantly adding new districts and would be happy to put your request to the front of the line.  Let us know in what districts you have an interest and we'll draw it up and send a link right to you.  We look forward to helping you find the perfect home near the perfect school for your children!


Smith Elementary School


Seacliff Elementary School


Perry Elementary School


Peterson Elementary School


Hawes Elementary School


Eader Elementary School


Moffett Elementary School

TOP 10 Schools in Huntington Beach

  1. John H. Eader Elementary School - Public • Grades K-5
  2. Ralph E. Hawes Elementary School - Public • Grades K-5
  3. S. A. Moffett Elementary School - Public • Grades K-5
  4. John R. Peterson Elementary School - Public • Grades K-5
  5. Huntington Seacliff Elementary School -  Public • Grades K-5
  6. William T. Newland Elementary School - Public • Grades K-5
  7. Circle View Elementary School -  Public • Grades K-5
  8. Harbour View Elementary School -   Public • Grades K-5
  9. Hope View Elementary School -  Public • Grades K-5
  10. Village View Elementary School -   Public • Grades K-5

Huntington Beach Neighborhoods: Cities Near Huntington Beach   

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