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Remeo Cares

We at Reméo Realty love and care about our community and we do everything we can to give back in support of wonderful causes in our own backyard. To support local charities and non-profits, we developed Reméo Cares a program where we can continue what we do best and give a portion of our commissions to deserving local causes.


Reméo Cares is an opportunity to raise 20% of our net commission on new business directed to us from a group or charity. To find out if we can support your cause, contact Christine at and share with us a bit about the organization you are looking to support. Chances we will love it as much as you and be willing to support your efforts. Charities can be locally or nationally recognized non-profits, organizations benefitting local youth sports or programs benefitting locals. Some examples of charities we would love to support, the wounded warriors project, Youth shelters, programs benefitting local homeless shelters and schools and local youth sports teams.

Interview us for the charity, but hire us because we are the most qualified.

Once participation is agreed, advertise the program to members or participants in the charity who are considering a real estate transaction. If they interview us and consider using our service, we want them to hire us because they feel we are the best for the job. The charity benefits in 1 of 2 ways.
1) If a new client is directed to us, interviews us but eventually decided to use another company to perform the transaction, we will donate $100 to the charity under the program.
2) If a new client is directed to us, interviews us AND hires us, we will cut a check to the charity for 20% of the net commission proceeds upon closing.


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Win Win Win.

This benefits the charity as the worthwhile program receives significant funding.
We get to meet another fellow member of the community and potentially gain a new client
The person who is introduced gets their service performed by one of the premier brokers in Orange County

Rules for participating in Reméo Cares

Does not apply to current and past customers of Reméo Realty. Program must be agreed and in place prior to new client introduction and new clients who have been referred through the charitable orgnaization must identify this up front.