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Search homes for sale by School Districts

MLS searches by school district are imperfect. Most often, realtors do not enter the schools into their listings so the property will not show up in your search. We take out the possibility of missing a home in your desired location by hand drawing the boundaries of the attendance areas for all of the local schools. This is an exclusive feature for premium members.

School sites for Huntington Beach City School District are listed below. If you have a district that you'd like to see mapped, we are constantly adding new districts and would be happy to put your request to the front of the line. Let us know in what districts you have an interest and we'll draw it up and send a link right to you. We look forward to helping you find the perfect home near the perfect school for your children

See the comparisons done below to see how much you might be missing with Realtors® at other companies.
These comparison searches were completed for the exact same school on the same date.

EXAMPLE: Seacliff attendance area, Huntington Beach

Reméo Realty has over 3 times the number of properties in the Seacliff attendance area

MLS Search by School Name

When search on the MLS, we simply entered “Seacliff” into the Elementary School Attendance area field.

Reméo Realty School Attendance Map Search

The custom made map boundary search created by Reméo Realty produced every listing within the Seacliff elementary district, providing our clients with over 3 times as many property choices

Click a school below to see the Reméo Realty School Search advantage.

Smith Elementary - Seacliff Elementary - Perry Elementary - Peterson Elementary - Hawes Elementary - Eader Elementary - Moffett Elementary