Market Report

Market Report 10.8.2021Oct 2021

We are just a few weeks away until the end of the fall market and the beginning of the holiday... Read More

Market Report 9.21.2021Sep 2021

Maybe you have been keeping an eye on the market wondering when will be the best time for you to... Read More

Market Update 9.9.2021Sep 2021

Today feels like the first day of fall for me.  The calendar... Read More

Market Update 8.11.2021Aug 2021

Real estate is one of those topics that you can travel around the world and talk about with... Read More

Market Update 6.30.2021Jun 2021

As we inch closer to July 1 there are lots of people making predictions about the 2nd half of 2021.... Read More

Market Update 5.05.2021May 2021

Did you know? Every year the 3rd Friday of the month of May is designated... Read More

Market Update 4.8.2021Apr 2021

The market is just not normal right now as those of you trying to buy a home have... Read More

Market Update 3.11.2021Mar 2021

The first quarter of the 2021 housing market has defied all previous years' typical trends... Read More

Market Update 1.27.2021Jan 2021

2021 demand is boiling over and we are faced with a market unlike any we... Read More

Market Update 1.12.2021Jan 2021

2021 has finally arrived!  Many of us have been... Read More