This is how we roll...

roller coaster

If you spend enough time in the real estate industry, you will find two types of agents.  There are agents that actively market their client’s property and feel that they have been given an incredible chance to add value to their client’s sale and those that spend more time trying to get the next listing and heavily rely on other brokers to bring in offers.  While a bit of prospecting is important to keep any business going, we believe that if we go over the top on effectively marketing homes, that the referrals we get from our happy clients will far exceed the effort we could have spent on trying to seek out new clients.

We always look to adopt the latest technologies to market, and even have developed and feature several of our own unique methods, but we loved seeing this video from a company in Amsterdam and wanted to share it with you.  If you have any property that needs to be sold in the Netherlands, here is your company!