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At Reméo Realty, we transform the crazy, overwhelming world of real estate into a warm, supportive environment that puts you at ease. We may be helping you buy or sell a house, but we’re really building a relationship that will last for generations.

Our name means “return home,” and we always want you to feel at home with us. We always put first things first, which means we get to know you before we do anything else. Once we understand what you want, we go after your maximum happiness.

For buyers, happiness often looks like a dream property. Finding one of those is no small task in Southern California, but we work diligently to collect places you’ll love, then we fight like mad for the one you want.


For sellers, happiness often looks like a nice return on investment. So, we offer trendy staging that slows buyers’ scrolls. We’ll even set up a complimentary consultation with an in-demand stager who’ll make your property look like it came out of an architectural magazine. (We’ll let you guess how many multiple-offer situations she’s been behind!)

We also teach you what you need to know about your transaction by teasing out important facts and making them digestible. You won’t wonder where you are in the process, either. We keep you up to date in whatever way works best for you.

Ultimately, Reméo Realty is a group of caring, hardworking residential and commercial real estate experts with the desire and determination to make your OC and LA dreams a reality. (We’ll even drive across town at rush hour to do that.) And years down the road, we’ll still be here for whatever you need.

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Our mission is to give buyers, sellers, and agents the tools to make better decisions.

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