THE Most Important Open House

What if I told you that when you sell your house, you can get up to 30 agents who are each representing multiple active and qualified buyers who could be interested in your home to come over for a hosted tour of your home that is for sale.  Do you know that while ALL agents could easily make this happen that only 1 in 5 agents actually takes advantage of this opportunity?

A broker’s Open House, based solely on the impact and benefit for sellers, is one of the most absolute no-brainers in our business.  Time and time again, it amazes us that most agents forego this important sales function and their clients have no idea they even missed out on the opportunity. 

An Effective Way To Showcase Your Home Is To Get Realtors Inside

A Broker Open House accomplishes two major goals:

  1. In one day, a large number of Realtors will get to see your home in person – this provides much more context than the pictures that they normally see online.  In this casual setting, without the seller present, this gives your agent an unbiased opinion of what local Realtors® think of your home. We love broker open houses because it gives us a chance to hear from those who will also be working to sell your home -- we can get the entire scoop as one real estate professional to another.  Broker open houses get feedback about the good, the bad, and the ugly, but in a productive way that will benefit the listing agent AND the seller. We commonly get feedback by asking questions like:

What do you think of the neighborhood?

What do you think of the exterior of this home?

What do you think of the floor plan?

What do you think of the overall condition of the home?

If you think improvements are necessary, please tell us what improvements you think will help sell this home?

What do you think of the price? (Priced right, overpriced, or substantially overpriced?)

  1. There is a good chance some of the Realtors touring have a buyer that is a perfect fit for your home. Each agent that passes through your home could have as many as 10 active buyers.  Even if we assume each has 5 active buyers, if we get 30 agents to visit, then our Broker open has reached 150 active and eager buyers.  No matter who you use to represent you, it is imperative that their marketing plan includes hosting a well-attended Broker Open House.

If you Feed them, they will come

Broker Open Houses usually occur on Fridays around lunchtime and many offices caravan to see several local homes.  Often times it is not possible for agents to visit all broker open houses being hosted each week.  We are no strangers to coming up with creative ways to ensure your home is visited by the majority of agents when out visiting Broker Open Houses – in the past, we’ve had raffles, lottery tickets and catering lunch all seem to do the trick nicely.  We always put forth effort to hold the most successful broker open houses and we always spend this valuable time actively selling your home to the brokerage community.  We are rewarded every time we hear someone at a Broker Open say, “I’m glad I stopped by, I didn’t think this home would work for my buyer, but now that I visited, I think it is a great opportunity and I will definitely show it to them” and it reaffirms our strategy to put forth the effort to host them.

At Reméo Realty, we ALWAYS feature your home to the local broker community – we believe that it is part of the standard level of service that every agent should provide.  To talk with us about listing your home and letting us expose your home to the most active buyers, please reach out to us today!