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Buyer Overview

Locating your home

Quickly get up to speed on areas and the market. Our agents will take the time to learn your needs and wants to find you the perfect home.

Guidance and effort

We go the extra mile to ensure that the process is targeted and efficient. Truly enjoy the process when being guided by a professional.

Expert Negotiation

We always seek out and maximize your leverage and never back down.

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Our Team

Our small specialized team is big on experience. Trust the most important purchase of your life to a true professional backed by an entire team with a wealth of knowledge and experience to get you the results you deserve. Learn More About RemeoRealty

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Buyer Education

An educated client is a prepared and confident buyer that is able to act on opportunity. To make sure our clients are the most prepared and ready buyers, we periodically create tutorials, blogs and videos that inform and explain real estate topics to give you an edge.

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The Best School Search


Reméo Realty Online Home Search has over 3 times the number of properties than the MLS and most realtors websites.

If you were to go to any realtor and ask them to send you a list of homes available that fall inside a certain school’s attendance area, 99% of the time, that list could omit as many as half of the homes in the attendance area and cause you to miss the perfect home.

If you are targeting a specific school for your children, SIGN UP TODAY to get access to ALL the homes that would work for you and your family.


EXAMPLE: Seacliff attendance area, Huntington Beach


MLS Search by School Name


Reméo Realty School Attendance Map Search


Get setup today and find the perfect home in your preferred school attendance area. SIGN UP TODAY


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The Reméo Realty Network

Reméo Realty is proud to have a whole host of local professional contractors and service providers that we have established relationships and in some cases we have even negotiated discounted pricing. From small jobs like landscaping or carpet and tile cleaning, to movers or even trades like Plumbers, roofers and electricians, we make sure that anything you want to do to make the house you buy, home, can be done quickly, professionally and inexpensively.

To learn more, click here
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Foreclosures, Short Sales and REOs

Foreclosures, Short sales and REOs

If you are looking for a deal that can deliver you equity from day one, we have access to local deals in the area you are seeking. Reméo Realty represents many investors who look for properties that need work or are distressed because they are a foreclosure or short sale situation. Many times these deals are sold before even hitting the MLS - To get access to all of the deals that don’t last long but can provide great value. Click Here:

Rehab for Profit or Equity

When looking to buy foreclosures, you are most likely taking on a rehab project. I’ve done several myself and am happy to share my expertise with clients. To read about my first rehab experience, Click Here:

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Relocation Services

If you are relocating to Orange County, you have a lot to do before you even can start and it is much more difficult because you may be unfamiliar with the area and need to interview and find an agent remotely. We have experience in helping you manage this process – we’ve helped so many move to the area and we’d love to help you too.

Want to get to know us before you even fly out? Great, let’s meet and chat on skype to determine if we are a good fit for working together before you even touch down in Orange County. We have great camera equipment and are happy to take video of property and areas that you have an interest in so that once you arrive, we can make the most of our time together!

Skype sessions are Available!

Skype sessions are a great way to meet and learn your preferences so I can create custom youtube videos to show you around town and help you get your bearings.

Call, email or text me today to setup a time when we can meet online 714.656.2020!

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Get Started Today

Buying starts with appropriate planning -- you need to set expectations, talk with an agent to learn about the process and then execute.

STEP 1Talk with an agent

Even if you aren’t ready to start looking at property, it’s important to talk with an agent to prepare. Get access to ACCURATE market data and guidance from an experienced and friendly agent.


Click here to signup and see up to date lists of homes and then checkout this simple online tool to see how much you can afford. Home affordability calculator


Whenever you are ready and opportunity presents itself, let us get to work and help you find and negotiate the best deal on the perfect Home!