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There is a lot to know about the steps to buying a home.  One step is getting an appraisal.  Not sure what that means?  Check out the link below and give us a call to guide you through your... Read More
You may be familiar with moving but doing it on your own and from across the country can take a little extra assistance.  So glad that I could be here for you to make it go smoothly.  Enjoy your west coach beach... Read More
We found the perfect place for you with great proximity to family and a pool for the grandkids!  So excited for you Mary Ann and your new home.  Have fun making it your own! ~ best, Christine
What a successful quick 17 day escrow!  Congratulations on your new condo.  I'm so glad that we could assist with the purchase and get the place that checks off all the boxes!  ~ Best, Christine
Congratulations to two of our sellers today on their closings at 308 Cannon Ln in Fullerton and 10417 Harford St in Bellflower.  So happy that we could assist to make these smooth transactions for you!  ~ Best, Christine
So excited for our seller client and her next adventure with the sale of her home today.  Happy we got you the neighborhood record sale!  Best wishes to what the future brings to you and best wishes to the new buyers too...may... Read More
This closing is twice as special because two very important families now have a new home.  Congrats to our buyer clients and their kids who will be getting a new home now too!  I really enjoyed working with all of you.... Read More
Congratulations to our seller client and to the new home owner at 4721 Arena Cir in Huntington Beach.  It was a pleasure working with you to facilitate this transaction.  ~ Best, Christine
I have enjoyed every step of this home buying process with both of you and couldn't be happier that you have found the perfect place.  So excited for you to move in and make it your own!  Enjoy and keep in touch.  ~ Best,... Read More
What a blast hanging out with Katy talking about shoes and finding her a home! Couldn't have found a more tranquil place, with a kitchen she will love and a view. Enjoy Katy and so glad you moved to California! Hope your kids enjoy this... Read More