Market Update 3.11.2021

The first quarter of the 2021 housing market has defied all previous years' typical trends but there is good news on the horizon.  We are about to enter the spring housing market and homes are coming!  Check out the latest Orange County Housing Report in the link to see the latest news and take comfort if you are a home buyer and have been frustrated...I totally understand.  We've put your best foot forward, sometimes multiple times with different properties only to be up against 20 - 30 other offers in some situations.  I'm not giving up and neither should you!  The perfect home will be there for you soon!  And sellers...know that I have your back as well!  How do you review 20 - 30 offers and know that you are selecting the right one that will complete the transaction?  A lot of vetting on my part.  :)

If you or anyone you know are interested in buying or selling this spring, let me know.  We monitor the market very closely to keep you updated on fair market value for our sellers and to alert our buyers of properties coming soon...even before they hit the market! The key to navigating the market now is to not give up.  Thinking of getting involved in a transaction?  Contact us to discuss - we'll help you strategize how to take advantage of the current market conditions.  

With all that is going on, we are very thankful for the opportunity to assist you with your real estate needs and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Christine DiCarlo

Real Estate Broker License #01290192

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